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Medical Support & Related Services

The medical support and related services provided at Henry Viscardi School make it possible for medically fragile students with severe physical disabilities to attend a traditional school setting. These supports and services positively impact their academic, personal and social emotional learning and ability to interact with their peers in school and the world around them.
Male special needs student with nurse

Medical Suite

A on-site, fully-equipped medical suite, staffed by licensed nurses and a doctor, administers life-sustaining treatments throughout the school day. Treatments include tube feeding, catheterization, administration of medicine, pulmonary checks, and other procedures. The team of nurses also educate the students on how to perform the treatments themselves, as appropriate, or instruct others to foster independence regarding their medical care.

Assistive Technology

Technology plays an ever-growing role in our daily lives and Viscardi has been at the forefront of ensuring students with disabilities have equal access to the curriculum and all aspects of the school day. We also pride ourselves on preparing students with the technology skills they will need to successfully transition to higher education, employment and independent living. In conjunction with our educators, therapist and students, Viscardi’s information technology team ensures every student has a customized laptop equipped with the software, devices and accessories needed to fully participate in the classroom. Our classrooms also feature SMART boards to accommodate synchronous and, as needed, remote learning. Additionally, our IT professionals create accessible digital documents for students with visual and mobility disabilities to support their academic performance and ability to work as independently as possible.
Special Needs student in wheelchair at tablet learning
Special needs student in wheelchair graduating

Guidance & Transition

The guidance and transition department works collaboratively with teachers, administrators, therapists and parents to ensure an optimal learning experience and transition plan for each student.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps students be as independent as they can, in the classroom and at home. Therapy can help to improve range of motion, strength, and endurance. It also focuses on strengthening and maintaining the upper extremities of the body; this includes fine motor skills, self-feeding, dressing, transferring.
Therapist and young male special needs student of color
Therapist and young female student of color in a walker walking outside

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy helps students physically access the learning environment. Therapists tailor routines to each student, in an effort to maintain range of motion and mobility in order for them to reach independence and academic success.

Psychology & Social Work

Each of these services assist students in their social and emotional learning. Professionals work with students individually, in groups, and throughout the school community.
Special needs student in wheelchair petting dog
Young special needs student with therapist at speech therapy device

Speech & Hearing

Hearing services and speech therapy assist and advance communication between the students and their teaching community, peers and family so they can fully access the curriculum and actively participate in all aspects of their life. Therapists also provide evaluation and training on the use of assistive technology.

Wheelchair & Brace Clinic

Viscardi’s team of therapists work with local medical equipment, orthotic and prosthetic professionals to ensure the students’ wheelchairs and braces meet their individual needs, as well as fit and operate properly.

Young girl in leg braces walking in parallel bars
Henry Viscardi School - Join our diverse team image with a teacher reaching over the shoulder of a young student with headphones in a wheelchair to help them with their schoolwork on a laptop computer

Join our Diverse Team

We are dedicated to recruiting and hiringqualified individuals for a wide range of educational, therapeutic, administrative and support services positions. We pride ourselves on our culture of diversity, equity and inclusion. The Viscardi Center has been a recipient of the National Organization on Disability’s Leading Disability Employer Seal every year since 2018.


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